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Problems with Health Tips For Middle-Age Men and Male Baby Boomers

May 17, 2012

You might be following Men’s Health Magazine, WebMD news updates for men’s health, or even the John’s Hopkins “Health After 50” newsletter. I follow all of these and more, and constantly wonder what impact they have on the health of middle-age men.

For example, a recent newsletter carried the article: “Diabetes and sex: Don’t Give up Hope.” It’s a 1,000+ word article that ends up telling you to take Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis. Or, to inject a drug or stick a suppository into your urethra. That’s big news for us guys, right?

Here’s another one from Johns Hopkins: “Drive Safely this Labor Day-Accident rate goes up over busy Holiday Weekend.” Gee, let me think if I’ve heard that before. Too imagine that someone over 50 doesn’t know this already is to imagine a chef not knowing how to fry an egg.

On the other hand, here’s one that assumes you’re earning a medical degree! “A Closer Look at Strokes.” It’s an exhausting 5,000 word article – 4 pages – that’s so scholarly it’s appropriate for a third year medical student. If you actually wade through all this, all you’ll  learn is that you need to lose weight, stop smoking, control your blood pressure, and see your doctor for treatment. Hmmm…tell us something we don’t already know.

No Steroids – JW MD April, 2011

Spiriva: A New Drug Treatment for Asthma?” is a full-page of fine print in a 50+ newsletter, for a condition that affects mostly young people, and decreases with age. COPD is much more prevalent, in smokers (of course you knew that already), and one of the top ten causes of death in middle age and older men. Unless you have a kid with asthma, you’re not going to be much interested in Spiriva.

I could go on, but I’m sure you get the point. I’ve basically covered all of the major health concerns for middle age men in these 25+ posts. The rest is fluff and boring details. I’ll continue looking for interesting news and information that comes up. Right now there isn’t that much going on. Unless, of course, you want to know what “Rheumatoid Arthritis: Watch What You Eat” has to say. Just go to If you want the printed newsletter, it’s $5 per issue.

Actually, on a final note, we should do a survey on how many men improved their health by looking at the sculpted hard bodies on magazine covers. These gym rats shoot steroids, obsess endlessly with their bodies, and starve and dehydrate for the photo shoot. And, Viagra aside, how many of us became better lovers by taking the unproven performance-enhancing products that promise to make you a bedroom Superman?

There’s no doubt that information is good, and can give us the tools to a healthier body and a better lifestyle. However, it’s not only what is said, but how they say it. Health writers need to stop insulting the intelligence of guys who have been around for a few decades, and they need to stop wasting our time by making us read 3,000 word articles just to get a point or two across.

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