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The Sixth Most Common Cause of Death for Men

September 15, 2011

Did you guess? Diabetes! Here’s the entire list:

In middle age men diabetes is a chronic condition, and is interconnected with multiple organ systems and  disorders. Nothing comes alone. When we look into the eye, we may find diabetes. When we see a man who is 30 pounds overweight, he’s more than just a guy who wants to get rid of his gut – there is a good chance his blood sugar is elevated. And if he has diabetes, we must also worry about heart disease, high blood pressure, and kidney damage.

Fortunately by treating diabetes these associated problems will improve. This treatment is, as everyone knows, diet and exercise and a medication regimen if needed. The major hurdle to diet and exercise is education, acceptance, motivation to get on it, and discipline to maintain it. This is a psychological barrier, and chronic depression must be considered and treated if a guy can’t get the desire to take better care of himself. Depressed men are extremely resistant to lifestyle changes that will improve their health.

Diagnosing diabetes in men means dealing with a cluster of associated problems. These problems can be the reason a man goes to the doctor: erectile dysfunction, loss of vision, kidney disease and nerve damage to the hands or feet. One-third of men who have diabetes don’t even know it!  A fasting blood glucose test is the standard screening, but an “AIC test” tells how well your body controls sugar over a period of time. The key is prevention by getting regular checkups and catch the complications before they ruin the quality of your life.

We are talking about adult-onset type 2 diabetes which can almost always be controlled by maintaining proper body weight and health by diet and exercise. Pills will control your blood sugar but not all the other conditions that are often associated. This condition must be screened, diagnosed early, and managed by a medical doctor. Don’t procrastinate and end up as a chronic patient and a walking time bomb for early death.


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