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Meditation and prayer are good for your health

June 17, 2011
What? An American-trained medical doctor suggesting that spiritual work can heal you? It’s not just an opinion. Rigid scientific studies published in western medical journals have shown that prayer and meditation can improve outcomes in very sick patients. Nobody was able to explain it satisfactorily. They just showed that it works.
 For thousands of years Shamans, Witch doctors, and faith healers of various sorts have practiced “magic” to heal people, way before medical schools were invented. We can’t be sure if it really worked, but – people claimed to get cured. Maybe there was something to it. Here’s a couple studies:
If we view patients as whole beings, people must be approached as more than a physical body or a complex set of organ systems. In most faiths and spiritual beliefs, people are understood to be mind/body/spirit. It is well known that for thousands of years faith and healing have been intertwined, but is there scientific evidence that this can work? There is western evidence-based medicine to support the use of spiritual care. There are published studies that conclude the use ofwhile Other articles are supportive, while some are controversial (search prayer +clinical +outcome +medical).
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  1. Akemi permalink
    June 18, 2011 11:11 pm

    I hope this concept will be penetrated into Western medicine world fully, and more and more people can realize how important the spiritual aspect is for our health. Human is not just a physical body. Ultimately, physical stuff is not all we have in this world, but more important but invisible things exist. Then, we could see the world in a different way.

    • June 20, 2011 8:52 pm

      Even Western medicine recognizes the mind-body connection. The next step is the mind-body-spirit. It seems like more and more people are recognizing that we have spiritual needs and we are more than just animals with smart brains. Healing by prayer or meditation certainly gives some support to that.

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