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Shocking Health Facts and Myth-Busters

June 5, 2011

You might believe that things are the way they should be because it’s common sense…but not always! Try these:

Bottled water is good for your health:  ever since I saw trucks parked by Lake Arrowhead, suctioning off the surface water through giant hoses, I wondered about this. It turns out that bottled water is just as polluted as tap water and the plastic bottles made in the U.S. last year were enough to circle the Earth 190 times.

Caffeine is bad for your heart: a Swedish study a few decades ago linked daily coffee drinkers with a higher rate of coronary artery disease. It was later discovered the Swedes were eating pastries with their coffee – the pastries were causing heart disease. Studies since then prove that caffeine does not increase the risk of heart disease, and may even have  a protective effect against certain cancers.

Groceries are always safe to eat: there are controversies about pesticides in produce. Organic foods are supposed to fix that – but not always. And here’s one that is even scarier. After you see this, you’ll want to make sure your meat is still attached to the bone.

Fluoride is good for kid’s teeth: it may damage the enamel, something called “dental fluorosis.” Check with your dentist. If he’s not up on this, give him this article.

Guys on magazine covers get those bodies from hard work and dedication: They shoot anabolic steroids. Then they starve themselves, wrap their bodies in plastic wrap, and undergo water deprivation. That gets rid of the normal fat and water under the skin. Oh, and they are also dedicated hard workers.

Crunches are the best way to get a flat tummy: not even close! This video is worth the 8 minutes, unless you’re already happy with your midsection.

You must hire a personal trainer to learn how to work out: Maybe, but if you want one for free, here he is, and it’s worth watching the 9 minute show over again:

You’ll catch a cold if you go outside: colds and flu are passed from infected people and can even be transmitted before that person has symptoms. Smokers need days longer to get better. People spend more time indoors in the winter. That’s where contamination takes place. Learn more and how to prevent them.

Here’s two sites that bust a lot of myths.  Got any more? Send them in and share!

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  1. Gloria A. Oanes permalink
    June 8, 2011 7:37 am

    hmmmm…now I should not totally refrain from drinking coffee. The myth that caffeine is bad for the heart has been in my mind set for sometime ( as fueled by some local physicians). Guess I have to be freed from this mind set now. Thanks a lot Jo for this blog. More power to your effort of posting.

  2. June 5, 2011 12:06 pm

    Thanks for all the tips and for debunking some long standing myths about health and healthcare.Keep up the good work.

    • June 5, 2011 12:30 pm

      You’re welcome, and I found your blog and website to be a great source of information for people who are getting older, for us in middle age and especially for our parents. I put it on my blogroll.

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