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What top three things make men most attractive?

May 27, 2011

Years ago people were saying that the most important things in a man’s appearance were fingernails, shoes, and belt.  Since then, things seem to have changed. A recent article described findings that were all over the place. I did a survey of two dozen women from my own contacts, and here are the results.

Top three physical attraction qualities in men, surveyed from 23 women (all were between ages 30 and 50):

  • Cleanliness – not sloppy, or grungy.
  • Face and eyes – expression; approachable.
  • Clothing – neatness, and color coordination.

Next most important qualities, from the same survey:

  • Teeth and oral hygiene (breath)
  • Hair (grooming and volume on head)
  • Body type (masculine v fat)

Men’s attractive qualities documented in articles and research studies:

  • Turn-ons: good body smell (don’t overdo it), good oral hygiene and breath, a smile (but not too much), clear speech, eye contact, good nail care, being taller, facial scars (masculine), shoulders bigger than waist.
  • Doesn’t matter much: expensive clothing, a deep tan, being very happy, penis size (controversial see link).
  • Turn-offs: too much body hair, too slim or too heavy, bad teeth, dirty hands, tennis shoes.

    "I know it's old school, but I still look at the shoes."


What do you think? If your vote is not included in this survey, please put it in a comment!  Your answers will be used to update this post.

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  1. Lisa Weddington permalink
    May 27, 2011 10:27 pm

    Joel, I have to say my brother,this stuff is amazing and I look forward to what you put out. Thank you for all the interesting info you post..Give my love to you and that beautiful wife of yours.. 🙂

    • May 28, 2011 12:30 am

      Thinks Lisa. It’s amazing what comes up when you think about something and do a little research!

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